Minister of State Responsible for Superannuation

The incumbent Minister responsible for Superannuation is the Hon Bill Shorten MP.

The Minister is well away that Members of Government Regulated Superannuation Funds have no recourse when someone steals a large part of the superannuation.

  • The Superannuation Complaints Tribunal has no jurisdiction
  • The “RegulatorsAPRA and ASIC are not “complaint handling agencies” and so they just ignore complaints about the theft of superannuation benefits.

The Government in its wisdom has created the perfect environment for Superannuation Fraud to flourish. An regulatory framework that lacks a means of seeking redress plus enormous power concentrated into the hands of a small number of Public Servants.

The Trustees of Government Regulated Superannuation Fund know that they are being protected and so the frauds become bolder and multiply.

The Minister has no interest in initiatives like Australian Guardians that seeks to educate Members of Government Regulated Superannuation Funds so that they can check their lawful superannuation entitlements and protect themselves from dishonest Trustees and incompetent and corrupt Public Servants who have been tasked by the Parliament to protect their hard earned superannuation entitlements.

The questions posed by Australian Guardians to the Minister responsible for Superannuation can be found at Question Time.


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