Reg Flag Agencies

As well as identifying “Red Flag” Trustees, Australian Guardians has already identified a number of “Reg Flag” agencies that have been tasked to protect other peoples money.

It is a truism that Public Servants are there to serve themselves and not the Public.

If you have had unsatisfactory dealing with any of the following Chapter 2 agencies in relation to your superannuation entitlement or benefit then Australian Guardians would like to hear from you:

– the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)

– the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)

– the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal

– the Commonwealth Ombudsman

– the Financial Services Ombudsman

Australian Guardians already has an extensive dossier on these Chapter 2 agencies and you contribution will be valued. These agencies have been formed under Chapter 2 of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act and as such are an arm of the Executive Branch of Government and are subject to political influence. The agency heads are all political appointees.

If someone has stolen your superannuation or a large part of it these agencies really do not want to help you. It could be a “career limiting move” for any Public Servant to be identified with exposing a major superannuation fraud. Much safer to shuffle meaningless “compliance reports” that have been fabricated by dishonest Trustees and the supposedly “independent” Auditors who assist these dishonest Trustees.

These agencies generally only act “after the event” has become public such as when a superannuation fund becomes insolvent and the receivers are called in. Then you have some belated action by these Government agencies.

Under the Westminster convention of Individual Ministerial Responsibility, the Minister responsible for these agencies is supposedly answerable to the Parliament and ultimately to the People of Australia. However in practice these Ministers allow these agencies to be a law unto themselves and to abuse the power that the Parliament has entrusted to them.

Since the Trustees of large Superannuation Funds have elected to become part of a Government Regulated Superannuation System, there should be little need for Members and Beneficiaries of these funds to resort to the independent Courts established under  Chapter 3 of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act.

However if Chapter 2 agencies fail to to undertake their statutory duty, Members and Beneficiaries may need to seek recourse to the Courts and Officers of the Courts (Lawyers).

If you have had an unsatisfactory experience in dealing with lawyers and/or the Court system Australian Guardians would like to hear from you.

Australian Guardians already has a dossier on Legal Practitioners who have unlawfully concealed evidence from the Supreme Court of Victoria in a superannuation related case.

If you have had an unsatisfactory experience in seeking redress over superannuation related matters then:

Email or leave a message with details below.

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