Formal Notification AGN 2012/5

Formal Notification AGN 2012/5

Australian Guardians is currently preparing Formal Notifications in relation to a long running fraud against the Membership of a Government Regulated Superannuation Fund.

Formal Notifications will be served on the following parties:

  • One of the Big Four Australian Banks and its subsidiary company – the Fund Administrator
  • One of the Big Four International Accounting Firms – the “Independent” Auditor
  • One of the International Actuarial Firms – the Fund Actuary
  • The Employer-Sponsor – a large International Firm

Furthermore Officers of this Trustee, including the Member-elected Directors have engaged in criminal conduct by contravening subsections 1017C(2) and 1017C(5) of the Corporations Act 2001 and are refusing to disclose prescribed Trust Documents that will be used as evidence for multiple fraudulent Breaches of Trust by the Trustee and the parties above who have “knowingly assisted” in these Breaches of Trust.

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