Red Flag Trustees

Is your Trustee just a “mate” of the CEO of your Employer?

What say did you have in who would be appointed to safeguard your hard earned superannuation entitlements?

Many corporate Trustees are no more than “$2 Companies” who have to be able to convince APRA that they have access to $5 million in assets (possible provided by the CEO of your Employer) so his “mate” gets control of your money.

But $5 Million is small change when these Trustees have control of $100 millions and even Billions of Dollars in assets.

OK so their are Member-elected Directors to the Board of your Trustee, but do you really believe these Member-elected Directors will put their own jobs at risk by question decisions made by the Employer-nominated Directors.

Australian Guardians is building a case file on Member-elected Directors who paid with their jobs attempting to protect those who elected them to represent them.

The “equal-representation” rule was dreamed up by politicians and lawyers who had no real world experience in the corporate world.


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