Never too late

It is never too late to become a Member of Australian Guardians. Australian Guardians will provide you with the tools you will need to check your superannuation entitlements. If you find that your Trustee has not paid you an entitlement in accordance with the Trust Deed and Governing Rules of your Government Regulated Superannuation Fund, then you will have a claim against the Trustee for a Breach of Trust. You may also have a claim against other parties who assisted in the Breach of Trust.

In most jurisdictions there is no Limitations of Actions period for a fraudulent Breach of Trust. Therefore even if you left an Employer-Sponsored Superannuation Fund a decade or more ago, you can still claim for a dishonest Breach of Trust if you discover an underpayment by your Trustee.

Australian Guardians has already been able to assist Members of a “Red Flag” Fund establish claims of up to $1 million each.

Even if you have received your lawful superannuation entitlement you have the right to have “peace of mind” that after years or decades of service to your employer you did in fact receive you lawful benefit and that part of it was not stolen.

If you wish to receive the tools you will need to check your superannuation payment or entitlement join Australian Guardians today.

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Membership is free.

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