APRA FOI Responses

Listed below is a log of selected responses received from The Prudential Regulator – APRA under the Freedom of Information Act 1982.

FOI Response from APRA dated 21 March 2011 (In response to FOI request dated 21 January 2011)

In a letter dated 21 August 2009, the Fund Secretary of this Government Regulated Superannuation Fund attempted to deceive this Member as to whether the incumbent Trustee had possession of the founding Trust Instrument and many of the subsequent Deeds of Amendments.

Under subsection 52(2)(a) of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 a Trustee is required to act honestly in all fund matters.

The Member did not believe the Fund Secretary was telling the truth and asked the Prudential Regulator – APRA to investigate.

In a letter marked “strictly confidential” dated 24 June 2010 (received by APRA on 25 June 2010), the then CEO confirmed that the Trustee did in fact have possession the “missing” Deeds of Amendment.

The Member was able to obtain a copy of this “strictly confidential” letter from the Trustee to APRA in the FOI Response dated 21 March 2011.


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