Administrative Law

Large Superannuation Funds are subject to regulation by Federal Government Agencies such as:

  • The Superannuation Complaints Tribunal
  • ASIC
  • APRA

These Agencies in turn are supposed to be subject to having their decisions and actions reviewed by the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

In dealing with government agencies it is important to have an understanding of Administrative Law since Public Servants are every ready to abuse the public power that has been granted to them by the Parliament.

One of the most important principles of Administrative Law is the right of people seeking redress from Public Officials is their legal right to be afforded Natural Justice (Procedural Fairness).

If you bring complaints to Public Servants that they want to place in their “too hard basket” or complaints that can be exploited for the Public Servants self interests then you are most likely to be denied Natural Justice (Procedural Fairness) by these Public Servants, especially when very large amounts of money are involved.

The following tabs provide an overview on some of the key principles of Administrative Law.

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