Your Case History Of Fraud

If you would like Australian Guardians to assist you to determine if you also have been a victim of Superannuation Fraud and had a large part of your lawful superannuation entitlement stolen from you to either finance a lavish lifestyle of the Trustees or to fund “bonus” payments to senior executives of your Employer then become a Member of Australian Guardians today.

Remember Superannuation Fraud is a classic “appeal to Authority” fraud. Most Members of Government Regulated Superannuation Funds find superannuation too complex so they are happy to leave their financial future in the hands of the “experts“.

The “experts” say “thank you very much” and then precede to steal a large amount of the money entrusted to them.

If you want to have access to the information and tools that will help prevent you becoming a victim of Superannuation Fraud then become a member of Australian Guardians today.

Email or leave contact details below.

Membership is free.

Australian Guardians – Protecting your wealth when no one else will®

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