Favourite Frauds

Australian Guardians has extensive files of the types of frauds that Members should be aware of to safeguard their own superannuation entitlements.

There are three types of superannuation funds:

  • final salary Defined Benefit Funds
  • money purchase Defined Contribution Funds, and
  • Hybrid Funds that are a combination of the above two.

Different frauds can be applied by dishonest Trustees depending on the type of Fund that the Trustee administers.

The following tabs provide details of the ways that dishonest Trustees and their assistants use to steal your hard earned money.

If you join Australian Guardians you will be provided with the tools that you will need to assist in determining if you have been a victim of one or more of these frauds.

Australian Guardians has case histories in which Members were victims of three separate frauds as detailed in the tabs resulting in individual claims that run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars and even into the millions of dollars.

Australian Guardians – Protecting your wealth when no one else will.

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