Senate Inquiry

Submissions to the Senate Inquiry into the performance of ASIC can be found on the Senate Website.

The main submission is number 227 with additional submissions numbers 109, 133, 134 and 146.

Key documents of evidence have also been posted on the website of the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions:

The 1958 Consolidation Deed of Variation that had been criminally concealed from the beneficiaries confirming a pension for life entitlement.

The letter from the Chief General Counsel of News Limited confirming that a signatory of the 1958 Consolidation Deed of Variation was a former chairman of Advertiser Newspapers Pty Ltd.

The letter from the former Fund Secretary dishonestly claiming that the earliest executed “Trust Deed” in the possession of the purported Trustee was dated 26 August 1986, when the genuine Trust Deed is dated 23 December 1913.

The purported Deed of Variation dated 26 August 1986 signed by a convicted felon, that had the signature of only one Director affixed and not the signatures of a majority of Directors as required by the Power of Amendment Clause – Regulation 50.

A purported “Resolution” signed by John Dorman Elliott that unlawfully removed five natural person Trustees from Office of Trustee and installed Mr Elliot’s own private corporate Trustee with the resulting loss of Governance by the Members and Pensioners.


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