Australia’s Largest Superannuation Fraud

Australia Guardians is collecting evidence that will confirm Australia’s Largest Superannuation Fraud.

A superannuation fund was effectively “hijacked” and $0.5 Billion in replacement value of assets stolen from the Fund in a manner not unlike how Robert Maxwell and his sons raided the pension fund of the employees of the Mirror Newspaper Group in the early 1990s. This $0.5 Billion is held on constructive trust by those who received it.

There are two aspects of this case that are very much in the Public Interest:

  • the fraud itself,
  • the attempted cover-up by Public Servants tasked to protect the superannuation entitlements of hard working Australians, and
  • the failure of our elected representatives in Canberra to protect those who elect them.

More details of this Fraud will be posted on this website over the coming weeks.

Australian Guardians – Protecting your wealth when no one else will


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