Useful Links to Protect Your Super

The following are links that Members might find useful.

Identifying Your Trustee and Finding Address

The Prudential Regulator APRA maintains a database of all Government Regulated Superannuation Funds and all associated Trustees

You can find the list here.

Independent Superannuation Guides

Many superannuation fund charge excessive fees which reduce long term returns, even if your superannuation is not stolen you can still lose a large amount if you place your superannuation contributions into a fund charging high fees or commissions to financial advisers.

It is possible to double your retirement benefit by transferring from a low performing “For Profit” fund to a higher performing “Not-for-Profit” fund if you do this as soon as you can.

Most people who have retired or are soon to retire are members of Defined Benefit Funds and are “locked in” while still members of these funds. Most younger people are members of Accumulation Funds (Defined Contribution Funds) and it is important to “shop around” to find the best fund.

There a a number of Independent Superannuation Guides that can assist you make an informed decision as to what is the best superannuation fund for you if you are in an Accumulation Fund and are not “locked in” by an industrial award.

Pocketbook provides easy to read graphs comparing the performance of Super Funds and how this can impact on your final superannuation benefit

Go to this link: Pocketbook

Safe Our Super

An superannuation information service provided my NewsCorp Newspapers


Comparing the Offerings and Performance of Defined Contribution and Accumulation Funds {These are not relevant for Members of Defined Benefit Funds}

Applecheck Report from ChantWest

The Applecheck compares the offerings and financial performance of many Government Regulated Superannuation Funds. If you are considering joining or switching Funds then you should:

(a) Check the compliance rating of that Fund at Australian Guardians, and

(b) Check and compare the fees and performance of Funds at Applecheck.

Morningstar provides an analysis of fund performance and fees

Super Ratings provides an analysis of fund performance and fees

Find “Lost” Super

There is currently $17 Billion in “lost” superannuation, which has not been stolen, but has just been forgotten by people who have changed jobs or just lost track of multiple superannuation accounts.

The Westpac “Lost Super Report” has found that 62% of Australians under the age of 40 had lost track of some of their superannuation accounts.

If $17 Billion has gone “missing” due to forgetfulness, how much may have been lost to Members through outright theft?

If so many people simply lose track of some of their superannuation accounts, how easy is it for dishonest trustees to actually steal their money?

Australian Guardians is seeking to find out how many $ Billions has been stolen by dishonest Trustees and their associates over the last two decades since Superannuation become compulsory in 1992. Some of this stolen money might be yours.

To find out if you might have a substantial claim against the incumbent and former Trustees and their associates of your Government Regulated Superannuation Fund, then join Australian Guardians today. Australian Guardians will provide you with the tools you will need to help you determine if you have a claim for stolen superannuation.

Email: or leave details below.

Australian Guardians – Protecting your wealth when no one else will®


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