The Blame Game

One of the first obstacles that a Member of a Government Regulated Superannuation Fund faces when that have been a victim of Superannuation Fund is to identify the guilty party or parties.

Most Trustees will engage a Fund Administrator to actually process and release benefit payments.

The Fund Administrator may have made an innocent mistake when determining someone’s Benefit or the Fund Administrator may be part of a conspiracy with the Trustee to defraud Members of the Fund.

In any event the Fund Administrator will likely attempt to blame the Trustee.

If the Trustee has implemented Superannuation Salary Fraud then the Trustee will attempt to blame the Employer-Sponsor. The Employer-Sponsor will in turn attempt to blame the Trustee.

It is important to understand the legal obligations of all parties so you will not be bluffed out of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of your hard earned superannuation.

Australian Guardians is providing information on the legal obligations of all parties to help prevent you from becoming another victim of Superannuation Fraud.


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