How Large is the Fraud – $50 Billion?

There is been a complete failure of the Governance of Australia’s $1 Trillion Superannuation System. If someone steals a large part of your superannuation there is little you can do.

The Superannuation Complaints Tribunal will file your complaint in the waste paper bin, since the Tribunal has no jurisdiction to deal with complaints alleging theft of part of your superannuation.

APRA and ASIC will only take action either after the event when a Superannuation Fund has become insolvent and the receivers are called in or when there is a high likelihood that this may happen.

Neither APRA or ASIC will uphold you basic right to have access to fund documents so that you can check whether you have been paid your lawful entitlements.

Responsible Officers of Trustees can commit criminal offences yet neither APRA or ASIC will take any enforcement action.

The Commonwealth Ombudsman just refuses to process any complaint alleging corruption by fellow Public Servants.

If $17 Billion can be misplaced by Members of Government Regulated Superannuation Funds how much could be stolen:

  • When Members are unaware of the theft, or
  • When Members are aware of the theft but Public Servants engage in a cover-up?

As a starting figure $50 Billion including interest does not seem an unreasonable amount that should be recoverable for many Members of Government Regulated Superannuation Funds who have been defrauded by dishonest trustees with the assistance of incompetent or corrupt Public Servants.

The mission of Australian Guardians is to educate Members of Government Regulated Superannuation Funds so that they become aware that they have been a victim of Superannuation Fraud (Super Fraud) and by taking united action bring the fraudulent Trustees and corrupt Public Servants to account.

Trusts (upon which Superannuation Funds are based)  have been around since the times of the Crusades and it has always been the responsibility of the Beneficiaries to police the Trustees. It is the Beneficiaries money after all. There are 30 Million superannuation accounts. If the Beneficiaries (Members) do not police these accounts then who else will do it?

Do you know if you have been a victim of Superannuation Fraud?

How much might you be able to claim?

To find out join Australian Guardians today.

Email or leave contact details below.

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